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The Walking Dead Recap

AMC has done it again! When I say “it”, I mean leaving me speechless at the end of an episode. Last night’s The Walking Dead definitely did not disappoint. We began in Woodbury, where the Governor spoke with Andrea about taking over his responsibilities for a period of time. He claims that he needs to get his mind back and after her stirring speech to the citizens about staying strong the Governor feels that she is the woman for the job. Andrea looks perplexed while the Governor leaves her to think about his offer. The Governor then meets with Milton to explain that he needs his utmost loyalty—and that after what happened with Merle betraying Woodbury, he is not sure who he can trust.

Meanwhile at the prison, Rick has lost it. He is seen searching for Lori, and amidst the search, he leaves the friendly confines of the fenced-in area. Hershel hobbles down to where he is, and tries to talk him back into the safe zone. Unfortunately, Rick is not willing to return at this time. Glen has also left the prison grounds to search the outside area of the prison to see if any walkers are getting in thru a different entrance.

Rick's vision of bridal Lori (photo courtesy of tv.com)

Rick’s vision of bridal Lori (photo courtesy of tv.com)

It then cuts back to Daryl and Merle who are searching for food in the woods. There is a constant argument going on between the brothers about why Merle left Daryl as a child. It is then revealed thru scars on Daryl’s back that both brothers were abused by their parents. Out of the blue, Daryl hears what he thinks is a baby crying. They make their way to the sound and see a Hispanic family fighting off some walkers, but not doing well. Daryl saves the Mom and baby, and Merle even helps fight them off too. Merle begins to rob the people in broad daylight until Daryl aims his crossbow at him and tells him to leave them alone. Daryl then decides it is time to go back to the prison, with or without his brother.

The brothers are ready to save a child (photo courtesy of www.sfx.co.uk)

The brothers are ready to save a child (photo courtesy of http://www.sfx.co.uk)

Back at the prison, we see Axel finally begin to open up and talk about his story. He is outside with the others in the group talking to Carol when he takes a bullet in the head! The camera zooms to the edge of the woods, showing the Governor thru a rifle scope. He has led a group from Woodbury to attack those at the prison. Rick and Hershel are quickly pinned down with fire, unable to get clear shots off at the attackers. Carl, Maggie, and Carol fight back and are able to shoot down one attacker who got into one of the guard towers. All of the sudden, a truck starts busting thru the gates of the prison, and parks in the open area. The back door of the truck opens and walkers start pouring out. As my beautiful wife stated, “the Governor just dropped a zombie bomb on them!” The Governor then makes his exit, as Rick tries to get back into the gates—only to be completely surrounded by walkers…until Daryl and Merle come to the rescue! Glen comes to the rescue of Hershel who was stuck in the field by himself.

Rick Grimes is pinned down under heavy fire (photo courtesy of imbd.com)

Rick Grimes is pinned down under heavy fire (photo courtesy of imbd.com)

The episode ends leaving a lot of questions…who is really in charge at Woodbury? Will the group take back Merle? Will they have to leave the prison? Will Rick get his act together? Will they attack the Governor? Stay tuned to find out!


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The Walking Dead on AMC

Sunday kicked off The Walking Dead on AMC (not if you’re a DISH customer). Whether you watched it live on AMC, live streamed it on AMCtv.com, bought it on Amazon.com for $1.99, or just waited til it was on another form of media outlet; I pray your caught up by now! (The links take you to the episode)

If for some reason if you’re not…. SPOILERS AHEAD:

Our heroines are back for a third grueling season of the zombie apocalypse, that is The Walking Dead; and the season premiere did not disappoint. It was bloody, gory, suspenseful and Carl is finally doing what he’s told. Once again the group finds they’re more unsafe than ever; especially since they’ve left Hershel’s farm, and they’re more than tired. Lori is about to pop, we left season 2 with her flat stomach’d… so we’re guessing she sprouted over the summer. Carl is a dead aim shooter, and Rick is fighting to keep control. Andrea, since being left behind, has made a new friend and is fighting to stay alive.

Darrell and Carol are more than flirty… Carol’s outright blunt, I guess the end of the world will do that to you. Carl seems to have a little thing for Hershel’s youngest daughter, it’s rather sweet if you ask me. These “couples” give me something to root for in their doom filled world.

Rick begins to scout out a prison that has high fences and look-out towers and informs the group his grand idea of “taking the prison”. With the promise of shelter, potential food, medicine and ammunition, the group has no choice but to follow his lead. The group decides to, “take the prison” in hand-to-hand combat, as to not draw the attention of more walkers. They take the yard of the prison with ease, seeing as how everyone is a marksman, even Carl; and spend the night in the yard. Rick tells them that he understands they’re all tired but that they need to push just a little further to actually get into the prison. Lori asks to Rick to give the group a little rest, but we see that their relationship is just as tired and worn out. The next morning the group is met by zombie SWAT officers as they enter the prison and find them difficult to kill, but Maggie thinks like a woman and gets the job done. 😉

Once in the prison, they secure a cell block and bunk for the night, knowing full well they’ll have to handle the rest of the prisoners in the morning. At dawn, Rick leads the group of men and Maggie (who is becoming really B.A.) through the jail to see if they can find potential medicine and food, and to kill some of the inmate walkers. In a series of mishaps the group gets separated and a person gets munched on!

The group drags they’re buddy into the cafeteria and “handle” the situation. I’m not giving who it is or what they did away… you need to watch. In the cafeteria, the men and Maggie are met by a… group of living inmates. DUN. DUN. DUN.

I can’t help but love this series! It’s so well written, keeps me on the edge of my seat, and keeps me coming back each week. Stay tuned for next week….

Let me know what you thought of the episode below! Was it bloody enough for you? Do you think Lori is taking this “Shane” thing to far? How do you feel about Carol and Darrel?


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