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Hart of Dixie: Where I Lead Me | Recap


It should actually be named “The Episode That Broke Me.” Because honestly, it was happy and sad and funny but mostly sad.

From the get go I knew Wade was guilty and it took Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp, That 70’s Show) aka Wanda’s mom talking about herself in that “Oh whoa as me but this is totally applying to your life, right now” manner to help Zoe realize that Wade was being overly affectionate and too sweet which is so not Wade.


Ok so Tom & Wanda’s wedding was totally dorky but oh my gosh how cute are they?! I mean really … A Star Wars meets Lord of The Rings themed wedding. Who thinks of these things?! But you know what, it was totally those two.

Now let’s talk Lemon. Was anyone else just as relieved as me that Lemon & AnnaBeth made up? I mean out all the characters fighting, this made me the most uncomfortable.

Speaking of fighting. The writers for this show and I are in a fight. How am I supposed to forgive Wade after such terrible indiscretions? Seriously. I LOVE (loved) Wade. I ‘shiped Wade and Zoe. I even loved them together so much that I didn’t mind her not with George (PS George & Tansy are so cute– more about that later). Now though? Now I can’t even look at him. Which makes me so sad! I can’t forgive a cheating cheater who cheats!

Lastly, When George and Tansy were so angry at Wade for hurting Zoe and then BAM Tansy punches him!! Oh man, that was the best.

Anyways, there is my crummy recap of last nights episode that left me terribly sad.

RIP Zode… Woe? Zade? Ehh…RIP Zoe and Wade.




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TVD Fans: Klaus Finally Gets Love

Some of us are The Vampire Diaries  fans and those of us who are, separate into two different categories. People fall into these categories and fight like liberals and conservatives over a presidential election. Team Delena! Team Stelena! 

There is one thing they don’t fight about. Klaus, played by Joseph Morgan.
We love him. We hate him– no, who are we kidding, we don’t hate him. He’s magnificently terrible yet we will all be horribly sad when his very evil-yet sexy-character is killed off.

Another thing we collectively love is Klaroline. This is the ‘shipping of Klaus + Caroline. Even though Caroline has been tied to Tyler, and we love Tyler–he’s so hott, there’s something there with Klaus and Caroline…even if he’s killed and kidnapped a lot of people close to her.

For at least a season people have been wanting to see poor Klaus get some sort of love and in this week’s Q&A with the TV buffs over at TV guide , they have given us some… comfort?

You decide.


Any Klaus scoop before he heads to New Orleans on The Vampire Diaries? — Rachel
NATALIE: Can we say hot hybrid sex? Joseph Morgan’s wishes have been granted and in an episode to air in March, Klaus is finally getting some lovin’. But who’s the lucky girl? Share your best guesses in the comments!

Hmmm….who do you think he’s doing the vertical tango with?


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Nina Dobrev Teases That Something Tragic is Coming to “The Vampire Diaries” and Now I Have Anxiety

Last week, Nina Dobrev gave fans of The Vampire Diaries a little tease of what’s to come on the show but I don’t think it’s what many fans were hoping for. When E! Online recently spoke with Nina, she had this to say:

“Something happens in the near future, something pretty tragic and terrible and kind of show changing,” Dobrev says. “It’s going to really affect every single person. It’s going to especially affect Damon, Elena and Stefan in a pretty crazy, controversial way. The whole show is going to shift. It’s going to be explosive.”

Pardon me while I just…

And to add insult to injury…TV Line released this February Sweeps poster featuring my homeboy Damon in a noose with the caption “Give him enough rope…”

Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries

(P.S More anxiety is in store for us TVD fans! The show was renewed early today for a 5th season! Source)



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New Stills for The Vampire Diaries Epi. 4.13 “Into The Wild”

Entertainment Weekly gave us a sneak-peek at this week’s episode of TVD.
We have a few questions: Where did Rebecca get that super cute vest? Will Elena be as whiney in this episode? Why does Damon have a machete? Finally, how many outfits did professor McCreepy pack?!

I will give you this dagger made out of Alaric’s ring for that vest. Serious. So cute.

Bonnie has her customary “I’m doing black magic and don’t know it” look on.


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