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Weeeee’re Back

Sorry for the 5 week hiatus. From Jmac packing up and saying ‘adios’ to L.A., Sarah & Chris’ new bun in the oven, Ashley starting a new job as a teacher (good job, Ash!) and …oh you know, Lindsay and April both have their hands full with 3 kids, its just been one crazy summer. That being said, look for some posts coming up!



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I know that everyone and their brother are talking about the incident at Sandy Hook Elementary school. I have held back because I think it’s a terrible, terrible thing that happened but its time recognize the people, the heroes of that day.
The JustJmac team really loves kids. In fact, Ashley is going to be a teacher. So this shooting, like the rest of the world, has weighed heavy on our hearts.

I’m not much of a crier in. In fact, throughout this whole thing I haven’t shed tears even though this massacre(but I got really close). I saw this story today, however, and it had me crying. I don’t know if it was the pure act of selflessness or the first-hand account she painted for the world.

Kaitlin Roig is a first grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary. This is her story of that terrible day:


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