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New Album for Katy Perry?

Yesterday we THINK Katy Perry announced her new album ‘Prism” will be releasing on 10-22-13! A huge GOLD semi truck was spotted driving around LA! None other than Adam Lambert snapped a picture of it! I for one am a huge Katy fan and am excited to hear more about this! photo credit by Adam Lambert



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The Number One Song of The Summer

Jimmy Kimmel makes me really happy. Like, really.

He’s joined forces with Jamie Foxx, Gabourey Sidibe, Miley Cyrus, Olivia Munn, Matt Damon, and of course Channing Tatum to produce the biggest hit of the summer (and damn catchy). The R&B hit is appropriately titled, “(I Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum.” Can we talk about how hilarious it is. Holy crap, it might be that it’s 10:46PM and I’m exhausted but I really just think this video/song is the Cat’s Meow…maybe I need to go to bed.

You’re welcome.

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JustJmac’s Tips on How Not to Be THAT Person at a Concert…You Know Who I’m Talking About

Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons

Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons in Asheville, NC

I had the incredible opportunity to head out to the Asheville, NC stop on Imagine Dragon‘s Night Visions tour this past weekend and it was a fantastic show! The band sounded positively amazing live and the opening acts (Nico Vega and Atlas Genius) were pretty great as well. BUT, a few members of the audience left a lot to be desired. Which got me to thinking (in the middle of the opening acts…forever a blogger) about why no one (to my knowledge) has put out any sort of concert etiquette. Here are my personal concert-going guidelines:

  • If you’re short…get there early
    This may sound a little harsh, but this was one of the biggest issues at the concert on Saturday. When you know that you are going to a venue with no chairs and you know that you are shorter than the average individual, plan to get there early to secure a decent spot. We had a altercation near us (albeit the girl was a bit intoxicated) because a girl was upset that she couldn’t see over those of us in the first 3-4 “rows” of people. Even if we wanted to let her through to the front (we didn’t…we had all waited in line outside in 13 degree, snowy weather for 90 minutes or more) we couldn’t because it was a sold out show…think and plan accordingly people!
  • If it’s standing room only, for the love of God don’t sit down
    I get that your legs may begin to feel sore between the waiting around for the show to start and the standing around during/between opening acts…I get it. My legs were killing me too. But if it’s a packed show where we’re all already squeezed in like sardines, please do not take it upon yourself to have a seat in the middle of the crowd. It makes folks behind you mad because it looks like there’s a hole in the crowd that no one is filling and it’s very awkward when people accidently kick you or trip over you.
  • DO befriend your concert neighbors
    I love the sense of camaraderie that comes with attending concerts. I liken it to that moment when you and the other cars in traffic team up to prevent that jerk from cutting in line. You know the one I’m talking about. When drunk girl began going off on my friend and two other people next to us, we all sort of came together against her to have each other’s backs. For about 15 minutes, we were all best friends even though we didn’t know each others names.
  • DO scream at the top of your lungs
    I’m really surprised that I had a voice when I woke up today. When you know every since lyric to every Imagine Dragons song and the band members are pretty attractive…you tend to scream a lot. But in the case of the Imagine Dragon show it was a very good thing. Dan Reynolds, the lead singer, stopped several times in between songs and seemed to get almost emotional. He told the crowd that we were the loudest they had so far on the tour and they hadn’t seen (sold out show!) or heard anything like it. So scream to your little heart’s content…the band will love it, lol.

And if you haven’t yet checked out the indie rockers Imagine Dragons…what are you waiting for?! These guys are going to be around for a long time, I’m sure of it!


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Acceptance of Hipsters

 I am not a hipster.

No, no I am not.

  1. hipster – (hpstr)n. Slangsomeone who rejects the established culture; advocates extreme liberalism in politics and lifestyle

Well that’s a boring explanation.

Here’s the explanation from Knowswhy.com 

Hipsters can be seen wearing second hand clothes from thrift stores, drinking coffee  in small neighborhood coffee shops and more often than not, has a camera with him at all times. They are active citizens of the Internet usually blogging about their lives and posting pictures that they took on Tumblr or some other website.

Hipsters are also often considered to have their own beliefs and ways of living. The triangle has a New Age symbolism that perfectly describes their way of life. They want to be apart from the norm that is why they tend to do things their own way, listen to non-mainstream bands and appreciate popular art.

They are often associated with the figure of a triangle as evident in the pictures that they take and the writings on their blogs. You can call it an obsession but basically it is a symbolism of what they are. When you research about hipsters and their fondness for triangles, you will be bombarded by lots of reasons from the mundane to the philosophical. One of the reasons is that the band YACHT played a significant role in their affinity to this shape.

One day at lunch my friend Bonnie , Melonie and I came across this definition when I was explaining my stress that I MAY be a hipster.

Here’s the thing, I met almost all requirements:

  • Thrift store shopper- (Only because I am a poor, poor college student)
  • Coffee Shop-( I don’t have internet at my house, ok?! I also have a coffee problem)
  • Blogger -(Yeah but… I have an Entertainment blog. Hipsters would hiss at that!)
  • Tumblr-er- (I like pictures…)

I don’t, however, meet these requirements:

  • Triangles
  • The band YACHT

Boy, was I relieved to find that I had no clue as to who YACHT was and even more so, that I had no real attachment to one specific shape.

There for, I am not a hipster.


To be considered “mainstream” and have the acceptance of a hipster is a little win for those of us who also purchase designer clothes and might…sometimes…listen to Taylor Swift.

All that being said, the British have some of the best television shows and humor.

Doctor Who is a classic TV show that has been on BBC for over 40 years. They’ve had a total of 11 new “Doctors.” The show is about a man who saves the universe by traveling from place to place and between eras in a blue police callbox called the Tardis. This show is full of horrible special effects and some times cheesy story lines but once you start watching, it’s five episodes later and you’re left wondering what just happened and why do you want more.

When I found an iPad cover that had the TARDIS on it. I clicked “add to basket” faster than one could blink.

That was almost a year ago.

Fast forward to this week when I am running around the fine arts building at my university, trying to get to my photography class before it starts because, per a usual school day, I am running late.

As I round a corner, a girl with lense-less black rim glasses, suspenders attached to her black skinny jeans, a bullring nose ring, and purple hair stops me and says, “Is that the Tardis?” At first, I was confused. Then I realized along with my purse, phone and notebook, I was holding my iPad.

With a slight embarrassed giggle I added, “Yes, it is.”

“Cool” She said with a begrudging smile.

After she waltzed by me I stopped and thought…Whoa. Did I just get acceptance from a hipster? 

It was a little win for this chick. I don’t know why, but I felt slightly more cool.

It was a great talisman is the horrible day I had been having.

So there you go you hipster girl, you did something “cool” for another person.That’s so… unhipster of you!

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