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Weeeee’re Back

Sorry for the 5 week hiatus. From Jmac packing up and saying ‘adios’ to L.A., Sarah & Chris’ new bun in the oven, Ashley starting a new job as a teacher (good job, Ash!) and …oh you know, Lindsay and April both have their hands full with 3 kids, its just been one crazy summer. That being said, look for some posts coming up!



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SNEAK PEEK: Theo James as Four

Hold on ladies, try not to scream or faint but…
Dear word look at Theo James as Tobias “Four” Eaton, the mysterious–and super dreamy–Dauntless leader that takes a special interest in Beatrice Prior (Shailene Woodley). in the film adaptation of Divergent. 


Uhm….you’re welcome.

Reminder:  if you’re at work or school, try to keep it together.

PS: Holy hell, I can’t wait for the shirtless scenes. I am just a plain sucker for tattoos.


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Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Reveal Baby’s Name

channing tatum jenna dewan welcome baby girl london uk

Congratulations to Channing Tatum and wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, who welcomed a baby girl, Everly Tatum, on Thursday, May 30, 2013.  The baby is rumored to have been delivered in the UK, per a conversation Tatum had with Ryan Seacrest during the oscars:

 ”We’re going to actually have the baby in London while I’m shooting, and then there will be no downtime whatsoever after that.” 

Tatum is currently filming his newest film, Jupiter Ascending, in London. We send all our well wishes to the couple and new baby!


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Entertainment Weekly Debuts First Look at Dauntless Faction Symbol from #Divergent

Entertainment Weekly has debuted the first of the five faction symbols from Divergent! It is slightly different from what we have come to know but I personally love it. The rest of the symbols will be revealed on Thursday 5/23 at 12pm ET/9am PT on the official Divergent Instagram account!

What do you think of the Dauntless symbol?

Thanks EW!

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{PICTURES} Ryan Gosling and Matt Smith Seen Filming in Detroit

Can I just point out one thing. The coolest Doctor to-date and Ryan Gosling are hanging out and working together on the film, Hot To Catch A Monster. This is enough to make any fangirl have a heart attack but then you add in the fact that Matt Smith without the floppy hair and bow-tie is… well… HOT.

And by the look of these photos, an evil character. (is that a horse shoe, make shift, belt buckle?) Holy-cannoli, when did The 11th Doctor get abs? This is all so much to take in. My brain is suddenly, oddly attracted to  this ab wearing, shaved headed Matt Smith.

Gosling is directing the film which is about “A single mother is swept into a dark underworld, while her teenage son discovers a road that leads him to a secret underwater town,” according to the imdb page.  Other actors rumored to be in How To Catch A Monster  include: Eva Mendes, Saoirse Ronan and Christina Hendricks.


SIDE NOTE: They are filming in Detroit. Our Teammate Sarah lives in Detroit. Why she isn’t on set, every day, I’m not sure.



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Title Revealed for Book 3 of the Divergent Series



Allegiant! That’s the title of the 3rd and final installment of Veronica Roth’s hit series, set to release October 22, 2013.

“You gotta have the -ent (ending),'” Roth, 24, told USA TODAY’s Brian Truitt when he interviewed her about Insurgent last year. Roth has been Jokingly called the 3rd book in the series “Detergent” when discussing the book on her blog. She’s so funny, that Veronica Roth.

We are going to have a lot Divergent activity this year with the new book coming out and the Divergent movie, which is currently being filmed in Chicago.

So what do you think of the name? A hit or a miss?



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Veronica Roth Visits the Set and Cast of #Divergent!

Production has been officially underway for a few days now, per this announcement from Summit Entertainment, and I for one had been wondering when author Veronica Roth would take a trip to the set. She does live in Chicago after all.  It seems last night the cast and crew were treated to a set visit by the woman herself! Miles Teller, who will be portraying the villainous character of Peter, tweeted this photo late last night.

To which Veronica Roth replied:

Many fansites and Twitter users guessed that “the picture coat” comment was referring to Miles possibly wearing his Dauntless faction clothing. Guess he had to find a nearby coat to cover up! I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am…this film is going to be fantastic!


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