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The Great Gatsby 3D Review- Get to the theater and see it!


When I first saw that Leonardo DiCaprio was filming the Great Gatsby last year I squeeled because well, I am a child of the 90’s so yeah, of course I love pretty much anything with Leo in it. Then I started seeing the pictures from the set… and finally the first trailer. It made my heart race. Last night when I got to screen the movie, That was also the same effect it had on me. Being an avid reader, you would think that I would have read the book, but for one reason or another I just have never gotten around to it, so this review is coming from someone who knew OF the story but not the whole story. I for one was absolutely thrilled with how it was portrayed. Now, how true to the book it was, I cannot I say. I am curious to hear what more people have to say about that after opening weekend.

First off, let me state that I am generally NOT a fan of movies in 3D. When I walked in and was handed glasses, I thought, “Great.” and was kind of annoyed. However I was glad to finally have been proven wrong, that 3D can actually be quite visually stunning! The very opening sequence had me in awe. I normally think 3D is too dark, that it’s distracting, and I get sick of wearing the glasses. However with this film, it was fantastic! The color was still vibrant, the effects were spot on, they added so much depth to the movie and I eventually forgot that I was wearing them and quite enjoyed Leonardo DiCaprio in 3D! The Snow. The Mist. The Green Light. You. Will. See. tumblr_mfecjrXFAD1qbnt5go1_1280

As a whole, I was very pleased with this film. I am going to go out on a limb and say that it is my favorite film that I’ve seen of 2013! The acting was spot on. The story was amazing. The theme of the American Dream, self-reinvention and love lost, regained and lost again is touching and tragic. The anticipation of meeting “Gatsby” played by Leonardo DiCaprio was quite well done and when you finally see him its almost breathtaking.  Nick Carraway (Played by Tobey McGuire) narrates the film while his voice is probably not my favorite, he did a decent job. Carey Mulligan who plays “Daisy Buchanan” was standout to me. Her poise and mannerism’s made me fall in love with this girl. Leo obviously knocked the ball out of the park with this one too. While the term “Old Sport” may have been used 12 times too many, I understand that was part of the character he played… and boy did he play it well. 


I think I have learned that I really just love Baz Luhrmann films. The ambiance of the film felt very “Moulin Rouge” if you will. The eccentric camera angles and filming vantage points. The slightly exaggerated costumes for the time period. The color’s just a bit brighter than maybe they would have been in the 1920’s. The soundtrack. I absolutely LOVE when a time period piece pulls modern day music and works it into a soundtrack. Lana Del Ray, Beyonce, Jay Z. When they are heading into New York City and you catch a slight chorus of “H to the Izzo” by Jay Z the entire theater loved it. It somehow fit. An acoustic version of “Crazy in Love”. I immediately went home and downloaded the soundtrack! I found it brilliant! The modern “edge” to the parties thrown at Gatsby’s were unique and thrilling. The set’s were amazing. Gatsby’s “castle” it absolutely ridiculous. 

thegreatgatsby3d-mv-2thegreatgatsby3d-mv-59I definitely would reccomend getting to the theater to see this movie! I laughed, My heart raced, I got teary, it truly gave me all the feels! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

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Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures- More Beast than Beauty

Okay guys. I have been waiting almost 3 years for last night to come. I read ‘Beautiful Creatures’ by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl in March of 2010. It has special significance for me because it was the very first book I bought on my nook. Awww. You will quickly learn that I am a huge fan of young adult fiction and am a sucker for a good love story. Not only was this book fantastic, I really enjoyed that it was set in the south and the slight civil war undertones. Being that I’m a huge American History nerd as well, it was right up my alley.

I’m generally a pretty optimistic person when it comes to book to movie adaption’s. I was not one of the complainer’s when it came to ‘Twilight’. Yes… things were different, but as a whole, I left the theater feeling satisfied and happy every time. As with EVERY movie there are always going to be things that you can pick apart. I understand that thing have to change in order to transfer a book from page to screen. So I try not to pick apart trailers TOO much and wait until I actually see the movie to form a set opinion about a book to movie adaption. Hunger Games was done well in my opinion. Sure, things can always be improved upon (aka Josh Hutcherson LOL, yes it’s my pet peeve about that saga) but again, I left the theater happy! Smiling. Joyous. Thinking about when I could go see it again and when I could make my husband, Chris come with me!


Lena Making it Snow

With Beautiful Creatures, This was most certainly NOT the case. It sincerely pains me to write this review. I had such HIGH hopes for this movie. When I started seeing characters being cast, I kept telling myself not to form opinions and to wait until I saw the movie. I saw previews… Just wait April. 2 weeks ago I bought my 10pm tickets for opening night. I took my 2 daughters (my 10 year old Cydney is 1/2 way through the 1st book) her bff and mom.
Beautiful Creatures is a supernatural love story set in the South with civil war undertones that tells the tale of two “star crossed lovers”, Ethan (Alden Ehrenreich)  a young man longing to escape small town life and Lena (Alice Englert), the new girl who also happens to be a witch “we prefer to be called casters”. The story is counting down to Lena’s 16th birthday in which she will be “claimed” either for the light (good) or the dark (evil). Lots of other crazy stuff goes down but you get the gist of it.

I had high hopes with the opening scene! Book drops and Ethan falls out of his bed! Okay. Maybe this IS going to be okay! Let’s start with the positives. I think that for those that haven’t read the books, You will probably be really happy with this movie. I think. Jeremy Iron’s as Macon was fantastic. Exactly as I pictured him. The set was BEAUTIFUL. I mean they could not have captured Ravenwood mansion more perfect in my opinion. The graphics and special effects were done really well. There were certain things that I was wondering how they were going to do it, and it turned out pretty good. Emma Thompson played ‘Sarafine’-Lena’s dark caster mother and did a FANSTASTIC job! She is an awesome actress! beautifulcreatures-mv-43

Now let’s get down to the dirt. I’m going to do a page break here in a minute to protect those of you that don’t want any spoilers. I however feel as if it is my duty to let those fellow book nerds out there the truth about this movie though. So if you would like to know how it really goes down… click away. For those of you that don’t. Let’s just say that certain MAIN characters from the book are completely left out of the story, and also combined with other characters. The chemical makeup of certain characters is not the same. The story is completely different in some parts. A LOT of key elements are left out. A LOT. The audience learns about a Romance between two of the elder characters that readers don’t learn about until later in the books. The whole main premise of the future of the series and why things happen the way they do is changed. The way it’s left, I’m not quite sure there will be more movies , and if there are, I’m not quite sure how they will continue them and follow the book series.

Having said all that. When the credits rolled, My friend and I and our daughters kind of looked at each other and said “Really?”. I found myself being almost angry. Sad. I haven’t felt that disappointed in a movie in a long time. Had I gone in, not knowing the story and not having read the books, I probably would have liked it. It’s hard to say! I will be curious to hear how it does this weekend! I feel as though they are going to lose the target key audience by not catering to the fan base… I think a lot of people, like me are going to be upset!

Now… For all of you dying to know all the dirty little secrets…. Click onto the next page!!
Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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‘Warm Bodies’: Early preview leads to movie review

Last night, My husband and I had the chance to go to an early screening of the Warm Bodies, the new “Zom Rom Com” as people are affectionately referring to it as, that opens in theaters on Friday.  This is the first of many book to movie adaptions that I have been patiently waiting for coming in 2013.

Warm Bodies is based off of Isaac Marion’s 2011 YA novel about “R” (who is not your typical Zombie) as he encounters and rescue’s Julie (a human) from a Zombie attack and the aftermath of their relationship. I read the book shortly after it came out. I remember thinking that I would give it a try because I liked ‘Twilight’ so I might as well give Zombies a try. This was not the case. In all honestly I wasn’t a huge fan of the book. That being said, the entire time I was reading I kept thinking to myself “This would make a really great movie!”, I even remember making that remark to a friend. I finished the book and archived it in my nook, not to be touched again. Then last year, 2 good friends of mine were selected as zombie extra’s for the movie filming up in Canada! I got really excited– this book was going to be made into a movie! I started paying attention to filming news and when I saw the first picture released of Nicholas Hoult as R, I knew that this was going to be good.
So let’s get down to my review. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. When reading the book, I was not envisioning a comedy. At all. But believe me when I tell you, this movie is funny! The entire theater was cracking up! Laugh out Loud funny! It was endearing. You really find yourself caring for R. I was really impressed with how true to the book they stayed and that I still liked it. Nicholas Hoult was fantastic at developing his character. Teresa Palmer was a perfect Julie (I promise I won’t talk about how much she reminded me of Kristen Stewart). Dave Franco plays the typical douche character that he is used to playing. Rob Corddry was awesome as R’s best friend M. One of his line’s is my favorite in the movie SPOILER “Bitches, Man”. John Malkovich was a great overprotective post apocalypse dad. Analeigh Tipton was great as the perfect supportive bff. I have to say this movie was really wonderfully cast! Which says a lot coming from me, As Sarah can attest to, I’m picky about movie casting (aka Josh Hutcherson as Peeta….).
I would have to say this is a definite must see! It is not your typical “zombie” movie. It’s for everyone… even if you think it’s not for you, give it a chance! I would like to share what my husband commented on my instagram about it last night. This mean’s a lot coming from him since he usually just lets me drag him along to movie’s just for the sake of being with me. (Isn’t he sweet?!)
He said:
“I thought for sure that it wasn’t for me. And I found that the movie was really funny, quirky, and entertaining” He also said #mywifeisthebest but that would be bragging to share that!
April is a 30 year old mom to 3 beautiful girls and married to her High School sweetheart. She loves pop culture, reading, music, movies with a major in all things Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars and Young Adult Dystopian Novels.  She is a Cali girl born and raised with a passion for the SF Giants! 

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Our Idiot Brother Isn’t Idiotic


     Our Idiot Brother (formerly called ‘My Idiot Brother’) is a great mixture of comedy and drama. Paul Rudd plays a new age, free living idealist (fancy word for hippy) who doesn’t see the evil in anyone.  This Sundance film follows “Ned” as he lands himself in some legal and personal trouble which turns into more of a life lesson for his family.

With a great supporting cast – Elizabeth Banks, Emily Mortimer, Adam Scott, Kathryn Hahn, Hugh Dancy, Zooey Deschanel and Rashida Jones- it’s not a movie I would miss. I loved every second of it. From the Organic Farmers, to Rashida Jones playing the butch lawyer and lover of Zooey Deschanel.

The film also has a dog named Willy Nelson. Go see it.

If you like (500) Days of Summer, The Royal Tenenbaums, or Little Miss Sunshine you’ll probably like this film.


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