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A Eulogy – The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie Poster

It never even saw the light of production, heard ‘cut’ yelled across set, or heard a scream in a sound stage. The follow up movie to The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, has been shut down before it even started production. Due to low numbers from the first film, Sony has decided to ‘delay’ production of City of Ashes…indefinitely.

We here at justjmac are indefinitely saddened by this delay. Besides one or two slightly corny bits it was a quite pleasant movie to watch. Now, I don’t know if one could follow it if they hadn’t read the books but still… they should just go ahead and make it for our sake.

le sad.


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Weeeee’re Back

Sorry for the 5 week hiatus. From Jmac packing up and saying ‘adios’ to L.A., Sarah & Chris’ new bun in the oven, Ashley starting a new job as a teacher (good job, Ash!) and …oh you know, Lindsay and April both have their hands full with 3 kids, its just been one crazy summer. That being said, look for some posts coming up!


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Halloween Offers Relief for Robstens

This morning there are a lot of of Robstens (Rob-stens. noun. a group of people who are firm supporters of Robsten) who are breathing a sigh of relief and falling back into their fangirl ways.

Don’t mind our team. We’re just fangirling over here.

There were some who saw the recent outings of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and still had doubt that they are back together. Although, I don’t know how they could still feel that way after seeing the two make out poolside a couple of weeks ago.

Last night, Rob and Kristen stepped out in erm…costumes? The two were spotted before, during and after the Maroon 5 Halloween party in Los Angeles.
Paparazzi were apparently ready.

Rob and Kristen were wearing some interesting masks for the party. I still haven’t wrapped my head around what exactly the masks are (besides creepy) except that they make the two look older and it gave Rob a fantastic mustache.


Kristen was later spotted wearing a purple wig and glasses, looking like a Quentin Tarantino character. Which, I supposed she had stolen from someone in the party.




The picture that lit a new light of hope in all the wayward fangirls was this one of them holding hands.

Fans were tweeting their hearts out because this was so reminiscent of the old, pre-scandal couple.
Personally, I love Kristen’s mask. I almost imagine that she knows tabloids and gossip bloggers give her a hard time about not smiling. So, this mask is a way of mocking that because it has a perma-smile on it. Maybe? She’s kind of a smart-ass so I could totally see her doing something like that.

I would like to share with you my two favorite photos of the evening.

1. The protective Sheikh
imagebam.com and finally, rest more assured fan girls (and boys) because…

…This guy knows what’s up

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