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Divergent: A Fandom in Limbo


So the Divergent movie should be in production in a little over a month. (04/13)  Yet, here we are. Still no male lead. Are you holding out until the end, Summit? Why haven’t you released who Kate Winslet is to play? ….and finally, Luke Kleintank may or may not be playing Caleb?  Get it together!


wow. Thanks for the news.

Is this some sort of dirty trick, Mr. Neil Burger (if that’s even your real name)?!

Alas, I shall stop whining because I think complaining will not get us far. I’m just saying, patience is wearing thin in this fandom. THIN, I TELL YOU! At least Veronica Roth and her publishers have recognized our growing anxiety, therefore quieting the crowds with book 3 release date info. Bless you, child.

Rumors are still swirling about Alex Pettyfer cast as Four but we wont believe it until we see the IMDB page update and Summit/Lionsgate release a tweet.

We shall wait…because, really, what choice do we have?


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Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures- More Beast than Beauty

Okay guys. I have been waiting almost 3 years for last night to come. I read ‘Beautiful Creatures’ by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl in March of 2010. It has special significance for me because it was the very first book I bought on my nook. Awww. You will quickly learn that I am a huge fan of young adult fiction and am a sucker for a good love story. Not only was this book fantastic, I really enjoyed that it was set in the south and the slight civil war undertones. Being that I’m a huge American History nerd as well, it was right up my alley.

I’m generally a pretty optimistic person when it comes to book to movie adaption’s. I was not one of the complainer’s when it came to ‘Twilight’. Yes… things were different, but as a whole, I left the theater feeling satisfied and happy every time. As with EVERY movie there are always going to be things that you can pick apart. I understand that thing have to change in order to transfer a book from page to screen. So I try not to pick apart trailers TOO much and wait until I actually see the movie to form a set opinion about a book to movie adaption. Hunger Games was done well in my opinion. Sure, things can always be improved upon (aka Josh Hutcherson LOL, yes it’s my pet peeve about that saga) but again, I left the theater happy! Smiling. Joyous. Thinking about when I could go see it again and when I could make my husband, Chris come with me!


Lena Making it Snow

With Beautiful Creatures, This was most certainly NOT the case. It sincerely pains me to write this review. I had such HIGH hopes for this movie. When I started seeing characters being cast, I kept telling myself not to form opinions and to wait until I saw the movie. I saw previews… Just wait April. 2 weeks ago I bought my 10pm tickets for opening night. I took my 2 daughters (my 10 year old Cydney is 1/2 way through the 1st book) her bff and mom.
Beautiful Creatures is a supernatural love story set in the South with civil war undertones that tells the tale of two “star crossed lovers”, Ethan (Alden Ehrenreich)  a young man longing to escape small town life and Lena (Alice Englert), the new girl who also happens to be a witch “we prefer to be called casters”. The story is counting down to Lena’s 16th birthday in which she will be “claimed” either for the light (good) or the dark (evil). Lots of other crazy stuff goes down but you get the gist of it.

I had high hopes with the opening scene! Book drops and Ethan falls out of his bed! Okay. Maybe this IS going to be okay! Let’s start with the positives. I think that for those that haven’t read the books, You will probably be really happy with this movie. I think. Jeremy Iron’s as Macon was fantastic. Exactly as I pictured him. The set was BEAUTIFUL. I mean they could not have captured Ravenwood mansion more perfect in my opinion. The graphics and special effects were done really well. There were certain things that I was wondering how they were going to do it, and it turned out pretty good. Emma Thompson played ‘Sarafine’-Lena’s dark caster mother and did a FANSTASTIC job! She is an awesome actress! beautifulcreatures-mv-43

Now let’s get down to the dirt. I’m going to do a page break here in a minute to protect those of you that don’t want any spoilers. I however feel as if it is my duty to let those fellow book nerds out there the truth about this movie though. So if you would like to know how it really goes down… click away. For those of you that don’t. Let’s just say that certain MAIN characters from the book are completely left out of the story, and also combined with other characters. The chemical makeup of certain characters is not the same. The story is completely different in some parts. A LOT of key elements are left out. A LOT. The audience learns about a Romance between two of the elder characters that readers don’t learn about until later in the books. The whole main premise of the future of the series and why things happen the way they do is changed. The way it’s left, I’m not quite sure there will be more movies , and if there are, I’m not quite sure how they will continue them and follow the book series.

Having said all that. When the credits rolled, My friend and I and our daughters kind of looked at each other and said “Really?”. I found myself being almost angry. Sad. I haven’t felt that disappointed in a movie in a long time. Had I gone in, not knowing the story and not having read the books, I probably would have liked it. It’s hard to say! I will be curious to hear how it does this weekend! I feel as though they are going to lose the target key audience by not catering to the fan base… I think a lot of people, like me are going to be upset!

Now… For all of you dying to know all the dirty little secrets…. Click onto the next page!!
Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Why We Love Movie Trailers

Are you a connoisseur of movie trailers? I think one of the best parts about going to the movies is watching the movie trailers. If we are running late and miss the trailers, it totally ruins the mood for the rest of the movie. I love getting little snip-its of films that I hadn’t heard of before or haven’t seen a trailer, yet.

Last night my cousin, her friend and I decided to go see Warm Bodies. We loaded up on essentials first (Butterfingers, KitKat bar, Sour Patch kids, Cadburry eggs, Nutter Butters, Rasinets, Hot Tamales and ice cream–we don’t mess around). Which, we snuck in because, let’s be real, if we had bought the stuff at the movie theater our $15 dollar bill would have been close to $45. We made sure to get there just in time to grab the last remaining seats for optimal viewing pleasure, and sat down for the best part.

The trailers.

…and we were not let down. Summit/Lionsgate gave us some great trailers pre-Warm Bodies. It was a mixture of YA books turned movies, zombies, magic and dystopian films. Everything a girl could dream of! Here are the trailers our movie theater had:

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

August 23, 2013

Side Note: I am so FREAKIN’ excited for this movie. This book series is one of my all time favorites!

Beautiful Creatures

February 14, 2013 (Coming soon!!)

World War Z

June 21, 2013

Tyler Perry’s Temptation

March 29, 2013

Kim K acts now??

The Heat

June 28, 2013


April 19, 2013

Now You See Me

June 7, 2013

We were pretty happy with this line up. They were all very good movie trailers. Did you guys go to the movies last night? What trailers caught your eye?


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