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New Album for Katy Perry?

Yesterday we THINK Katy Perry announced her new album ‘Prism” will be releasing on 10-22-13! A huge GOLD semi truck was spotted driving around LA! None other than Adam Lambert snapped a picture of it! I for one am a huge Katy fan and am excited to hear more about this! photo credit by Adam Lambert



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Kristen Stewart in Paris and Smiling

Kristen Stewart arrived in Paris earlier today. This week is Paris Fashion Week (sigh–one day I will be attend) and seeing as Kristen is the face of Balenciaga, she had to make herself seen at their opening show.

This comes after the news US Weekly broke today of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s reconciliation and merger of households. Yes, you read that right. They have moved back in together.

Robsten fangirls (and boys) rejoice!

This WOULD explain why she has an unexplained smile on her face.

For more information on the Balenciaga show click here! 

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