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Emma Roberts Arrested


Actress Emma Roberts, 22, was arrested for domestic violence after an altercation with her boyfriend, Evan Peters, 26, on July 7, 2013 in Montreal, Canada.

Peters (American Horror Story, Kickass) had noticeable bite marks and a bloody nose.

Emma was released from jail several hours later after Peters decided not to press charges.



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Evan Peters, Let’s Date

Evan Peters is my celebrity crush and he’s a really decent actor.

His character on American Horror Story was amazingly creepy. His character was hott.

His character was creepy hott.

Here is Evan at the Golden Globes this year.

Evan Peters - 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

He seems to be very funny and at times, aloof which makes me happy. I also like his style. Like that flannel, plaid jacket he wore to an interview once. It was great. So was his black eye during that same interview.

but alas, my heart is hurting today. He is dating Emma Roberts, as reported by JJ.

emma roberts evan peters dating 08

Emma Roberts? Really, Evan? Look, I’ve seen her in person and she’s not fabulous. Plus, I was at a taping of Jay Leno once and she was completely rude to Robert Pattinson.

oh…no you didn’t sister. No one puts Robert Pattinson in a corner–oh wait…

Anyways,  this is my open letter to Evan Peters:

Dear Evan,
Hello my name is Jmac. I am a 24 years old and I’ve got brown hair.
Lets be real, . .. I’m probably shorter than you and I excel at riding horses. Plus, I love all kinds of music. You need new tunes? I got your back. You need a new book to read? Well hit me up, I read a lot. I like hiking and I like fedoras and the restaurant Forage on Sunset Blvd(it’s really good, if you haven’t tried it) and laying out and looking at the stars and guitar solos and dirtbikes. Sometimes I’m awkward but it’s funny so everything is relevant.
Because I am old fashion, I’m asking you to ask me out on a date, Evan Peters.
Welp, that’s all I got. 

For those of you reading this and who feel so inclined, you can tweet Evan at @tweetsonurface and let him know he should ask @justjmac out because he would probably have a nice time and I am pretty awesome.

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