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Divergent Movie News: More Characters Cast

Are the all mighty heads of the Divergent Film Adaptation trying to anger us? Are they trying to build up anticipation?

But why? It’s not like they are building anticipation and then bam the movie comes out.

No. We find out who plays the character of Four and then BAM he’s going into filming… and we have to wait another year for the movie to come out. Unless…oh lord, they wouldn’t make us wait an entire year to find out?! No, no, no I am getting ahead of myself. They can’t do that. They’ll have to show his face in trailers.

Honestly, they are going to cast every single character and extra before they give us Four. I just know it. We did, however, get some casting news.

File:Zoe Kravitz by Shankbone.jpg

First we get Lenny Kravitz’ in Hunger Games. Cut to another dystopian YA drama and we have the offspring of Lenny, Zoe Kravitz. Yes!
Maggie Q

Zoe Kravitz has been cast as Christina! Personally, I think it’s an amazing pick. It will be so great. I mean her dad is fierce and she’s fierce and it’s going to be awesome. Then we have actress Maggie Q (from Nikita) cast as Tori. I don’t know, I always figured Tori to be older and more Asian. Finally, we have Ansel Elgort cast as Caleb…eh, I don’t know, I just always pictured caleb with dark hair and Ray Ban reading glasses.

In other news, Alexander Ludwig (aka Cato from The Hunger Games) apparently screen tested for Four. He wrote this tweet:

Screen testing for Divergent today.

Only to delete it quickly afterward. He then decided to tweet that he wasn’t going to be Four today…and deleted that as well.
So… apparently, Alexander Ludwig didn’t get the role of Four.
A lot of people are happy about it.
What are your thoughts about the recent casting news?

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Divergent 3: description and pre-ordering


Exciting news! Thanks to the ever fabulous Amazon we have a short description as well as pre-ordering Deets available!

Here’s the little snip-it they gave us:

What if your whole world was a lie?
What if a single revelation—like a single choice—changed everything?
What if love and loyalty made you do things you never expected?

Click here to pre-order Divergent 3.


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Why We Love Movie Trailers

Are you a connoisseur of movie trailers? I think one of the best parts about going to the movies is watching the movie trailers. If we are running late and miss the trailers, it totally ruins the mood for the rest of the movie. I love getting little snip-its of films that I hadn’t heard of before or haven’t seen a trailer, yet.

Last night my cousin, her friend and I decided to go see Warm Bodies. We loaded up on essentials first (Butterfingers, KitKat bar, Sour Patch kids, Cadburry eggs, Nutter Butters, Rasinets, Hot Tamales and ice cream–we don’t mess around). Which, we snuck in because, let’s be real, if we had bought the stuff at the movie theater our $15 dollar bill would have been close to $45. We made sure to get there just in time to grab the last remaining seats for optimal viewing pleasure, and sat down for the best part.

The trailers.

…and we were not let down. Summit/Lionsgate gave us some great trailers pre-Warm Bodies. It was a mixture of YA books turned movies, zombies, magic and dystopian films. Everything a girl could dream of! Here are the trailers our movie theater had:

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

August 23, 2013

Side Note: I am so FREAKIN’ excited for this movie. This book series is one of my all time favorites!

Beautiful Creatures

February 14, 2013 (Coming soon!!)

World War Z

June 21, 2013

Tyler Perry’s Temptation

March 29, 2013

Kim K acts now??

The Heat

June 28, 2013


April 19, 2013

Now You See Me

June 7, 2013

We were pretty happy with this line up. They were all very good movie trailers. Did you guys go to the movies last night? What trailers caught your eye?


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TV Review: NBC May Finally Have a Hit with “Revolution”

It’s official. I have a new television obsession. At a time where I probably don’t even have the time to commit to another series, NBC’s Revolution has roped me in after just one episode. The JJ Abrams futuristic, almost dystopianish, drama premiered last night with ratings that hit an NBC record (Not that that’s a hard thing to do…NBC doesn’t really produce many long lasting series it seems).

Personally, the first few minutes of the pilot, which begins with the last few minutes before the world loses all power, comes at a perfect time. It’s no secret that now-a-days our society is glued to its electronics, myself included. I cart my iPhone around like it’s another appendage. Not only is our society currently full of technology addicts, but dystopian themes are very big right now (What up Hunger Games and Divergent?). Now, Revolution isn’t exactly full blown dystopian, but it shares some of the same themes. There’s enough sword wielding and cross-bow shooting in the pilot that it could compare to the Hunger Games arena. Plus the last 5 minutes or so left my jaw on the floor and desperately wanting the next episode.

My recommendation to you, JustJmac readers is that– if you haven’t seen it already, watch the pilot of Revolution on Hulu, NBC’s website… somewhere!

I give this pilot 4 stars out of 5, and I can’t wait to see where this show is headed.


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