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NEW PHOTO: The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Poster Revealed!



What are your thoughts?! Damon, is standing next to Elena. Stefan, is in the water and not in his typical spot right next to Elena. Rebekah, is hovering next to Matt, then there is Caroline and Bonnie.

Please sound off and tell me your theories for the finale (5/16)! What will lead us into next season? Who will be together? Will Stefan take the cure? Will Elena take back all those cruel things she said to Damon? Will the sire bond still exist?




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HUGE SPOILER: The Vampire Diaries episode 4.12 “A View to A Kill”

Leaked today, was the promo spot for The Vampire Diaries, “A View to A Kill”.

Here is the link to watch

So what do you think? Has Bonnie finally met her match? What about Damon pinned against the brick fireplace? Jeremy? Matt? Someone will face their mortal end. Please vote and let us know who you think will say farewell on The Vampire Diaries!!

Video Source: Spoiler TV

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The Vampire Diaries, Insurgent and CoLS

So those of you who are big nerds like myself, had a lot going on in the last two weeks.

First we had the May 1st release of Insurgent, the follow up book to Divergent by Veronica Roth. I wasn’t going to read that book until I head out on my HUGE road trip  (Texas to California, rest for a few hours and then California to Boise) but my will power is weak and I am really good at logically talking myself into/out of situations.

I decided that I wouldn’t need two books for the trip so I am reluctantly waiting until the 23rd to read City of Lost Souls, the 5th in the series of books by Cassandra Clare. Her book was released on the 8th of May.

Finally, we had the season finale of The Vampire Diaries.


I need you all to know that there are a few TV shows and Movies that I cannot predict. For Example, 500 Days of Summer ended how I did not want it nor expect it to end but am glad it did.

Back to TVD, I was not shocked how it ended. I knew Elena was going to have to die for evil ‘ric to die. What did throw me for a loop was Klaus in Tyler’s body. I just thought Tyler’s vampire half would die and he would just be a werewolf again. I never fully expected him to die because…well…he’s just to hott to die and sad Caroline would be sad. By the way, Candace Accola’s crying scene was stunning. She really had the hysterical thing down pack (not sarcastic).

I may lose some followers but I am a Stelena fan. I always have been and always will be. This doesn’t mean I hate Damon, on contrary, he makes me happy but I don’t like him with Elena. Don’t argue with me, you wont change my mind.

That being said, I REALLY  did not see her choosing Stefan. I am happy she did but all this sexual tension between her and Damon, this season, led me to believe that her teenage impulse brain would have led her to choose him.  I was pleasantly surprised.

I was also sad to see Klaus’s real body burn up because I am oddly attracted to him..and his fine brother Elijah (even if he has the 1996 bowl hair cut).

BUT Julie Plec has given us some hope with her recent EW interview about season 4 and this season’s finale. When asked about Klaus, more specifically Joseph Morgan’s future on the show, Julie said

“You know, I myself did not see his entire body burned to bits. So I can’t say 100 percent that we’ve seen the last of him.”

So… We may see the sexy sideways British smirk again?!

It was a doozie of an episode and I TOTALLY called the “Breaking Dawn pt 1” ending with Elena opening her eyes and then the camera cuts.

So what are my predictions for season 4?

Here it goes….

I think that, all though I am a HUGE Stelena fan, it wont last. Elena will either be

a. Pissed that she’s changing and that Stefan knew she had vampire blood in her.

b. Start remembering all the Damon tidbits which will make her pull back

Either way, I just have a feeling that we Stelena fans wont be happy for long. I also think that the super bad guy, for at least the beginning of the season, will be the council… I mean, that’s pretty obvious.

Also, that EW interview I linked earlier confirmed all my predictions for the   next season.

What do you guys think?


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