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NEW PHOTO: The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Poster Revealed!



What are your thoughts?! Damon, is standing next to Elena. Stefan, is in the water and not in his typical spot right next to Elena. Rebekah, is hovering next to Matt, then there is Caroline and Bonnie.

Please sound off and tell me your theories for the finale (5/16)! What will lead us into next season? Who will be together? Will Stefan take the cure? Will Elena take back all those cruel things she said to Damon? Will the sire bond still exist?




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New Stills for The Vampire Diaries Epi. 4.13 “Into The Wild”

Entertainment Weekly gave us a sneak-peek at this week’s episode of TVD.
We have a few questions: Where did Rebecca get that super cute vest? Will Elena be as whiney in this episode? Why does Damon have a machete? Finally, how many outfits did professor McCreepy pack?!

I will give you this dagger made out of Alaric’s ring for that vest. Serious. So cute.

Bonnie has her customary “I’m doing black magic and don’t know it” look on.


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The Vampire Diaries Spin-off: The Originals

Well friends, I’m super excited about this one!

We won’t have to say goodbye to JoMo anytime soon, hopefully! Julie Plec has announced that a Vampire Diaries spin-off is in the works. The spin-off will be focused on, you guessed it, The Originals.


According to Entertainment Weekly,

“The spin-off will actually start within The Vampire Diaries in the episode set to air April 25 (4×20).” The story will center around the original family of vampires. In the first episode, “Klaus returns to the supernatural melting pot that is the French Quarter of New Orleans — a town he helped build centuries ago — and is reunited with his diabolical former protégé Marcel.”

Marcel has yet to be cast. But when he does, be sure we will be reporting on this hunk (I already foresee him being a hunk, because when has Julie Plec cast an ugly man? The answer to that is: NEVER!).

If the show is picked up for the fall season, Phoebe Tonkin as Hayley will also appear. Many of us remember Phoebe as the brooding, bad wolf that helped Tyler break his sire bond. She also stared in the short lived series, The Secret Circle.


UPDATE:  Daniel Gillies will star along side his brother Klaus (Joseph Morgan) as Elijah! 


No word yet if Claire Holt (Rebekah) will star along side her original brothers.

EW also states that,

“Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec will write the episode and serve as show-runner on the new project if it earns a series order. Vampire Diaries show-runner Kevin Williamson, who also has his upcoming Fox show The Following, is not involved with the spin-off.”

The Originals will film in both Atlanta and New Orleans alongside The Vampire Diaries. Cross overs are a must! TVD can’t loose JoMo! Maybe this will mean a return for Katherine and an exit for Professor Shady Shane Pants??


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