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NEW The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Trailer

We are SO excited to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones film adaptation. The new trailer is a bit longer and leaves us counting down the days until August (and also feeling kind of sad for Simon!)

Also, can we talk about how I totally don’t mind Lilly Collins big eyebrows? Like… sure, they’re big but at least they are manicured. Some people just have the bone structure to pull it off. Imagine her with out those eyebrows…she might look funny.


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TMI: Magnus Bane Forgets His Pants & Flirts with MTV

Recently Godfrey Gao met up with our favorite movie nerd Joshua Horowitz, for a little onset interview.

WATCH -> MTV First Look: Magnus Bane

Can we talk about how tall Godfrey is?! Also, Godfrey-> Magnus? I think they picked the guy with the best name. Seriously How often do you meet people named Godfrey AND how often do you meet people named Magnus? Not that often!
I know I shouldn’t be shocked that this is Magnus’–Sorry– Godfrey’s first interview in English and not in Mandarin, but I am. I really thought his accent was Latin.  I know, I know you’re all probably like “Hello, Jmac. Does he look Latin?!” And no, he doesn’t but I thought maybe he pulled a Paolo Nutini and his ethnicity is from one place and he was raised in, oh I don’t know, Madrid??

I am way off topic here. Anyways…

The best line out of that whole interview was:

“It’s really cold,” Godfrey said, all smiles. “At first, I was like, ‘All right, I thought this party was going to be an indoor mansion with a lot of lights and chandeliers like you see in back.’ Turns out, it’s outside, and it’s actually, I think, 11 degrees Celsius, so I’m just hanging out with my boxers on and everyone sees … I have great legs. But it’s very fun to play Magnus Bane, as you can see.”

This guy is great. If you all didn’t know, this is my number one favorite YA series which is totally funny ( in an ironic way). I am so stoked for this movie and with every new still or snippet I am more accepting of Jamie Campbell Bower as the character of Jace.

What do you think of Godfrey as Magnus?


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