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NEW PHOTO: The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Poster Revealed!



What are your thoughts?! Damon, is standing next to Elena. Stefan, is in the water and not in his typical spot right next to Elena. Rebekah, is hovering next to Matt, then there is Caroline and Bonnie.

Please sound off and tell me your theories for the finale (5/16)! What will lead us into next season? Who will be together? Will Stefan take the cure? Will Elena take back all those cruel things she said to Damon? Will the sire bond still exist?




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HUGE SPOILER: The Vampire Diaries episode 4.12 “A View to A Kill”

Leaked today, was the promo spot for The Vampire Diaries, “A View to A Kill”.

Here is the link to watch

So what do you think? Has Bonnie finally met her match? What about Damon pinned against the brick fireplace? Jeremy? Matt? Someone will face their mortal end. Please vote and let us know who you think will say farewell on The Vampire Diaries!!

Video Source: Spoiler TV

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