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The Number One Song of The Summer

Jimmy Kimmel makes me really happy. Like, really.

He’s joined forces with Jamie Foxx, Gabourey Sidibe, Miley Cyrus, Olivia Munn, Matt Damon, and of course Channing Tatum to produce the biggest hit of the summer (and damn catchy). The R&B hit is appropriately titled, “(I Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum.” Can we talk about how hilarious it is. Holy crap, it might be that it’s 10:46PM and I’m exhausted but I really just think this video/song is the Cat’s Meow…maybe I need to go to bed.

You’re welcome.


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Instagram’s Game Changer: Video

Instragram just announced that they’ve added the video feature to their app! This is way exciting but a little concerning for the Vine app people. What does this mean for them?

instagram adds video

Jmac’s theorizing this:

More people tend to actively use Instagram over Twitter  and the Vine app is more closely linked to Twitter. Unfortunately, I see this as a huge set back for Vine users unless they can come up with an easier way for Vine and Facebook to integrate. Plus, like I said people are already using Instagram way more than they do Vine and this way, they wont have to download a whole new app.

I’m totes excited about Instagram video, ya’ll.

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{PICTURES} Ryan Gosling and Matt Smith Seen Filming in Detroit

Can I just point out one thing. The coolest Doctor to-date and Ryan Gosling are hanging out and working together on the film, Hot To Catch A Monster. This is enough to make any fangirl have a heart attack but then you add in the fact that Matt Smith without the floppy hair and bow-tie is… well… HOT.

And by the look of these photos, an evil character. (is that a horse shoe, make shift, belt buckle?) Holy-cannoli, when did The 11th Doctor get abs? This is all so much to take in. My brain is suddenly, oddly attracted to  this ab wearing, shaved headed Matt Smith.

Gosling is directing the film which is about “A single mother is swept into a dark underworld, while her teenage son discovers a road that leads him to a secret underwater town,” according to the imdb page.  Other actors rumored to be in How To Catch A Monster  include: Eva Mendes, Saoirse Ronan and Christina Hendricks.


SIDE NOTE: They are filming in Detroit. Our Teammate Sarah lives in Detroit. Why she isn’t on set, every day, I’m not sure.



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NEW The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Trailer

We are SO excited to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones film adaptation. The new trailer is a bit longer and leaves us counting down the days until August (and also feeling kind of sad for Simon!)

Also, can we talk about how I totally don’t mind Lilly Collins big eyebrows? Like… sure, they’re big but at least they are manicured. Some people just have the bone structure to pull it off. Imagine her with out those eyebrows…she might look funny.

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The Hills are Alive with Robert Downey Jr.


Just another set of pictures proving that Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most epic people alive.

MUNICH, GERMANY – APRIL 12: Robert Downey Jr attends the ‘Iron Man 3’ Photocall at Hotel Bayerischer Hof on April 12, 2013 in Munich, Germany. (Photo by Dominik Bindl/Getty Images)

Please, let me hear any rebuttal.


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The Fault In Our Stars

This is a good book. Different, for me, but a good book.

 Shailene Woodley, John Green, divergent, the fault in our stars, movies

What’s it about, you say?

Meet Hazel (who’s middle name is Grace) and she’s like 16 or 17 with stunted terminal cancer (you’ll understand later). Basically, she’s kind of manic depressive but you can’t really blame her…

Anyway, she starts going to a cancer support group for kids with cancer and it’s in a kind of ironic place (no spoilers) and she’s got a half blind bud there named Isaac. One day, Isaac brings a friend. Friend’s name? Augustus (or Gus- your choice.) After Augustus shows up, nothing is the same.

I’ll give plot hints:

Cancer. Indiana. Hot Guy. Natalie Portman. Novel. Amsterdam. Death. Top Model. Oxygen Tank. Red Dawn. Ann Frank. Champagne. Love.

Basically, you need to read it.
I haven’t outright sobbed because of a book in years and this book left me, in bed, at a 11pm on a Friday night, bawling my eyes out.

…Straight up heaves.

The author is hilarious, as well. I mean, he’s a little too liberal sometimes but all and all he is pretty funny.

OH and watch out, because there is a movie coming and it’s going to star Shailene Woodley  as Hazel. She’s a good crier as we have seen in ‘Secret Life of an American Teenager’ so you know the movie version is going to rock.


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Joaquin Phoenix: The Anomaly

For those of you who don’t know me, I love Joaquin Phoenix. Not sure if it was Signs or Ladder 49 (It wasn’t Gladiator) that first caught my attention but this man in magnificent. What really sealed the deal was Walk The Line. The black shirt, black pants, smirk and deep voice had me swooning like a hipster over thick rimmed glasses.

After that, Joaquin pumped out We Own the Night followed by Reservation Road and then …we didn’t see him. Until. Until all of a sudden in late 2009, Joaquin Phoenix is showing up at events and in public with Casey Affleck like…this:

Casey Affleck: Joaquin Phoenix hoax made me go broke

Casey Affleck Admits Joaquin Phoenix Documentary Was Fake (via @slashfilm)

People went into full panic mode (just me?). Was this a very late downhill reaction to his brother, River Phoenix’, death? Was this all a hoax?! WHAT WAS HAPPENING?! In fact, this worry for Joaquin is what started the friendship between justjmac team member Lindsay and myself.

Oh the relief we kinda felt when it finally came out that his new look was for a Mockumentary called I’m Still Here where a camera crew follows him as he transforms from an actor to a …rapper. I still think something wasn’t right for him to even do this movie.

And then the double relief, for his fans, when he was seen (at least in public) looking semi-normal.

joaquin phoenix rain go away 01

Things were looking up. He did the movie The Master with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams.

Joaquin was even nominated for an Academy Award for his work in this film. He then showed up at the Oscars and…well, we all know this now iconic gif that came from the 85th Academy awards:


What is happening? Why is Joaquin so upset about being nominated? I was trying to be optimistic but I didn’t seeing this as a positive sign. Ut-oh…was he spiraling? I went into denial mode. I mean, he could have just been sick and trying not to lose his lunch, right?

But then…but then last week, this happened:



joaquin phoenix barefoot stroll in venice with heather christie 02


My first though was” Tall, stick thin, and blonde? I’m just his type!”

I then decided that there was worse things going on in this photo… like those chops. WHERE IS HIS FACE? Joaquin, that’s not a beard. You’re doing it wrong. Also, it’s not a wise idea to walk around LA without shoes on. Do we need Blake Mycoskie to bring you a pair of shoes so that parasites aren’t picked up via your bare feet?

Hipsters unite! Buy a pair of TOMS so that Blake can give a pair to Joaquin and his…associate.

Oh. I’m avoiding the real issue again, sorry. Joaquin please please please come back to us. I miss this Joaquin. You know, normal and smoldering.


Come back!

source source source source source source

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