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A Eulogy – The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie Poster

It never even saw the light of production, heard ‘cut’ yelled across set, or heard a scream in a sound stage. The follow up movie to The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, has been shut down before it even started production. Due to low numbers from the first film, Sony has decided to ‘delay’ production of City of Ashes…indefinitely.

We here at justjmac are indefinitely saddened by this delay. Besides one or two slightly corny bits it was a quite pleasant movie to watch. Now, I don’t know if one could follow it if they hadn’t read the books but still… they should just go ahead and make it for our sake.

le sad.


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{PICTURES} Ryan Gosling and Matt Smith Seen Filming in Detroit

Can I just point out one thing. The coolest Doctor to-date and Ryan Gosling are hanging out and working together on the film, Hot To Catch A Monster. This is enough to make any fangirl have a heart attack but then you add in the fact that Matt Smith without the floppy hair and bow-tie is… well… HOT.

And by the look of these photos, an evil character. (is that a horse shoe, make shift, belt buckle?) Holy-cannoli, when did The 11th Doctor get abs? This is all so much to take in. My brain is suddenly, oddly attracted to  this ab wearing, shaved headed Matt Smith.

Gosling is directing the film which is about “A single mother is swept into a dark underworld, while her teenage son discovers a road that leads him to a secret underwater town,” according to the imdb page.  Other actors rumored to be in How To Catch A Monster  include: Eva Mendes, Saoirse Ronan and Christina Hendricks.


SIDE NOTE: They are filming in Detroit. Our Teammate Sarah lives in Detroit. Why she isn’t on set, every day, I’m not sure.



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The Hills are Alive with Robert Downey Jr.


Just another set of pictures proving that Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most epic people alive.

MUNICH, GERMANY – APRIL 12: Robert Downey Jr attends the ‘Iron Man 3’ Photocall at Hotel Bayerischer Hof on April 12, 2013 in Munich, Germany. (Photo by Dominik Bindl/Getty Images)

Please, let me hear any rebuttal.


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The Great Gatsby: My Tween Self is Ready

The new poster came out for this movie and I’m just so undeniable giddy, it’s not even funny. Every big star of my tween dreams is in The Great Gatsby. Leo Dicaprio AND Tobey MaGuire!? Epic. Then there’s Isla Fisher (Confessions of a Shopaholic) and Carey Mulligan( Drive, Pride and Prejudice.)


Look, besides Leo and Tobey, the trailer also has a girl seeing Glitter. Literally. All these flapper dresses, diamonds and the art deco theme of what Fitzgerald dubs the “Jazz age.” (PS if you don’t know who F. Scott Fitzgerald is, you can leave).

In high school, this book didn’t do anything for me. I think I flip-flopped between reading chapters and reading Sparknotes. So, hopefully they play this off well so I stay hyped. Maybe I’ll even give the book another go…maybe.

I think Leo’s flash and crazy will be inspiring enough to love the film but I’m almost more stoked about the fashion that is about to come back into style.

I love head accessories. YES! The roaring 20’s were all about headbands and that makes me so excited! Thank you F. Scott Fitzgerald, Carey Mulligan, and the art director of this movie because I soon wont be looked at like I’m a hippy straight from Texas for wearing my sparkly scarf/headband over my hair.

source source

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TMI: Magnus Bane Forgets His Pants & Flirts with MTV

Recently Godfrey Gao met up with our favorite movie nerd Joshua Horowitz, for a little onset interview.

WATCH -> MTV First Look: Magnus Bane

Can we talk about how tall Godfrey is?! Also, Godfrey-> Magnus? I think they picked the guy with the best name. Seriously How often do you meet people named Godfrey AND how often do you meet people named Magnus? Not that often!
I know I shouldn’t be shocked that this is Magnus’–Sorry– Godfrey’s first interview in English and not in Mandarin, but I am. I really thought his accent was Latin.  I know, I know you’re all probably like “Hello, Jmac. Does he look Latin?!” And no, he doesn’t but I thought maybe he pulled a Paolo Nutini and his ethnicity is from one place and he was raised in, oh I don’t know, Madrid??

I am way off topic here. Anyways…

The best line out of that whole interview was:

“It’s really cold,” Godfrey said, all smiles. “At first, I was like, ‘All right, I thought this party was going to be an indoor mansion with a lot of lights and chandeliers like you see in back.’ Turns out, it’s outside, and it’s actually, I think, 11 degrees Celsius, so I’m just hanging out with my boxers on and everyone sees … I have great legs. But it’s very fun to play Magnus Bane, as you can see.”

This guy is great. If you all didn’t know, this is my number one favorite YA series which is totally funny ( in an ironic way). I am so stoked for this movie and with every new still or snippet I am more accepting of Jamie Campbell Bower as the character of Jace.

What do you think of Godfrey as Magnus?


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Divergent: A Fandom in Limbo,0,214,314_.jpg,0,214,314_.jpg

So the Divergent movie should be in production in a little over a month. (04/13)  Yet, here we are. Still no male lead. Are you holding out until the end, Summit? Why haven’t you released who Kate Winslet is to play? ….and finally, Luke Kleintank may or may not be playing Caleb?  Get it together!,0,214,314_.jpg

wow. Thanks for the news.

Is this some sort of dirty trick, Mr. Neil Burger (if that’s even your real name)?!

Alas, I shall stop whining because I think complaining will not get us far. I’m just saying, patience is wearing thin in this fandom. THIN, I TELL YOU! At least Veronica Roth and her publishers have recognized our growing anxiety, therefore quieting the crowds with book 3 release date info. Bless you, child.

Rumors are still swirling about Alex Pettyfer cast as Four but we wont believe it until we see the IMDB page update and Summit/Lionsgate release a tweet.

We shall wait…because, really, what choice do we have?


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Beautiful Creatures Part Deux: Different Views

So the justjmac team have a difference of opinion. Some of our team members weren’t the HUGEST fans of the movie Beautiful Creatures and some of us FREAKING LOVED IT.

This isn’t a movie review. I respect my fellow blogmates and their opinions and posts. This is a post telling you what I loved about the movie Beautiful Creatures. From the Characters to the scenery.

First of all, when I first saw Alden Ehrenreich who plays Ethan Wate, I was like “Meh” he’s not that cute. Then the movie started. Minus his Richie Valens, Buddy Holly-esque throw back hair, I loved him. He’s adorable. Then it was a mad rush to make sure he was over the age of 21 in real life.

He’s 23 y/o.

Phew. That was a close bullet.

Also, the relationship between the characters were fantastic.  Ethan and Lena had a totally unique relationship.
Ethan and Link were completely hilarious and played off each other so well. It made me happy because Link was spot on. I thought he was hilarious and perfect in every way.

Emmy Rossum’s Ridley didn’t have blonde hair for 99 percent of the movie but she was perfect. A total siren and a coward. There’s a scene toward the end that made me completely L.O.L.


I laughed out loud. I also went to the movies by myself (don’t you wish you were as cool as me?!).

The setting was perfect. I loved Ethan’s room because it was to the ‘T’ of how I imagined it. In fact, his whole house was how I imagined it.

Now, lets talk about Lena’s room. I died when I saw her room. It’s everything I want my bedroom to look like. From the wallpaper to the chandelier lamps to the dresser, and I want my room to turn into all my favorite quotes glowing on my walls with the roof that goes invisible showing the night stars. gah. I was so envious. I don’t even think I was paying attention to the dialogue in that scene. I was just taking tons of mental notes for styling my next room.

Speaking of Dialogue. I loved the banter in this movie! Ethan’s way of speaking reminded me of a male version of the Gilmore Girls. The one liners were fantastic for a YA book based film, as well.

And this movie really made me regret not going south when traveling through the south during Thanksgiving…ehh…let me explain, we went across the tops of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and then to Hotlanta, where it’s pretty but it isn’t swampy with big oak trees hung with moss.

Jeremy Irons is perfection. PERFECTION.

Also, I really loved Ethan’s glasses. As I type I am realizing that Ethan’s whole style was a 50’s throwback from his rolled short sleeved, pop collared button up shirt, hair and glasses.

The Caster Library was beautiful. I wanted to hang out there for years and years. Live there, really. Can I live there? Can it please be real?

Also, I loved Emma Thompson.

And when did a small town (real) library ever look that great? It was truly a pretty library. I wanted to live in it, as well.

I like libraries. I like books.

but I mostly liked this amazing quote from Charles Bukowski called Lifedance:

The area dividing the brain and the soul
is affected in many ways by
experience —
some lose all mind and become soul:
some lose all soul and become mind:
some lose both and become:

Whoa. Shit just got deep.
sorry for the cursing.

Here are some quotes that team member Chris said during/after the movies.

During the snow scene: 

She Vampire Diaries’d him.

Claiming scene:

What is this? The Capitol?

and finally

It was reverse Twilight.

Thank you for these intriguing quotes, guy.

One last thing, there’s a sermon given toward the end of the film that was so deep and truthful. Watch out for it when you see the movie.
PS  you’re seeing the movie.

Anyway. That’s it. That’s what I loved. Also, Ethan is super adorbs at one point in his all Civil War outfit.


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