James Franco To Be Roasted on Comedy Central

james franco You. Guys. This is amazeballs because I’m thoroughly convinced that when James Franco isn’t playing a character that he is a total oddball. Like, seriously strange…but not the kind of strange where you’re like “eww…he’s SO weird, stay away. Far, far away.” No, I believe he’s the kind of ironic odd where you don’t mind being around him.

I also have this MASSIVE crush on him and since moving to LA I’ve been convinced that I’m going to run into him somewhere…or at least that we could totes date. I mean, think about it, he’s like the only male actor that I can see dating a normal sized woman. I have hips, ya’ll…. and trust me, I’ve met a lot of these  celebs/models…if they stood sideways, you wouldn’t be able to see them. (The camera really does add 10 pounds).

Anyway, Im ready to see his oddball-ness [see figure 1.1]  in this all new episode of Comedy Central Roast. Also, I’ve got some sources who work with him and the story is that he’s actually high on life, not plants. Yep, it shocked me, too.

james franco as a cat

Figure 1.1

Also, I think he lives in my neighborhood. I need to take up strolling through my neighborhood and baking cookies as a “Hey, I’m your new neighbs gift!”



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