Game of Thrones: Episode 3×09 “The Rains of Castamere” – Where do we go from here?


Remember a couple of months back, when it was decided I should recap Game of Thrones for Just Jmac? And I did it twice and was never to be heard from again (well, until now)? I’m sorry, the story involves so many people and it’s so hard to enjoy watching while TAKING NOTES for my write-up. And, come on, those George R. R. Martin books are like 1000 pages. There’s a lot going on there. So, watch the show instead of reading a recap, OK?


All that said, I MUST comment on last night’s episode. As a reader of the series, this is probably the BIGGEST thing that I was waiting for, from a book that literally has massive event after massive event (Did you see Daenerys take those slaves, set them free, and have her dragon set that awful slave owner on fire? What about when Jon Snow discarded his Night’s Watch vows, got busy with Ygrette, and told the Wildlings secrets to help them over the wall? Oh, and remember when Sansa Stark was forced to marry Tyrion Lannister?).

But last night was the crown jewel of the season. Shocking readers and non-readers alike. In the book, Tulisa was not at the wedding, nor was she pregnant (in fact, she wasn’t named Tulisa). So there was no, “Hey, let’s stab her in the stomach over and over to kill her unborn child” business going on in the pages. And can I say, that was AWFUL to watch! But even knowing the scene was coming, my heart was pounding, and it was so well done. And then: Robb and Catelyn stark are killed, along with Robb’s wife and unborn child (presumably the next King of the North, Eddard).

So now the poop has hit the fan. The internet is collectively freaking out. As they should be. Where do we go from here? These people that you grow to care for, and expect to have a lasting impact on the story, are suddenly gone. And we are in season 3 of what is going to be at least 7 seasons of a show. How could they be so unceremoniously murdered and tossed aside? Wasn’t Robb supposed to take the Iron Throne? Welcome to GRRM’s evil, tragic, mean ol’ mind. Prepare yourself for more. Maybe not worse, but more.

And let’s mourn the loss of Richard Madden and Michelle Fairley on our screens week-to-week. That in itself is a tragic loss.

So, where do we go from here? I don’t think anyone can answer that. Let’s keep watching and continue to allow them to rip our hearts out!

Photo: Zap2It


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