The Originals- A Vampire Diaries Spin-off, HUGE Twist! Is it a hit? Warning- Spoilers!


I think I speak for everyone in the TVD fandom when I say that we are all still processing and trying to recover from the big PLOT TWIST that was thrown our way last night in the back door pilot for the Vampire Diaries Spin Off, The Originals. If You haven’t watched it yet and don’t want to be spoiled… I suggest you don’t read on! I repeat… Spoilers Ahead!

So lets catch you up to speed, This will be the condensed version of what went down last night!  The Originals is (hopefully) going to be it’s own showed picked up in the fall. It will be set in New Orleans and filmed on location, which is just awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mystic Falls, and the set in Georgia is great, but I really enjoyed the scenery in last nights episode! Long story short, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) travels to NOLA to track down a witch that “supposedly” is plotting against him (according to a letter that Miss Katherine left him in the end of the last episode). He arrives to find Marcel (played by Charles Michael Davis) a vampire that he created “ruling” New Orleans. Vampires respect him. He has witches in the palm of his hand…. Klaus isn’t too thrilled with this. I sense a little jealousy, I think that Marcel was able to establish in NOLA what Klaus was trying to do with his hybrids and failed. He is charismatic and people like him, which lets face it, Klaus isn’t much of a people person. the-originals-marcel-klaus-charles-michael-davis

Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is also in New Orleans searching for clues to her werewolf lineage. She meets two witch sisters at a bar and they send her into a creepy forest/swamp in the middle of no where. Smart Move Hayley. They steal a lock of her hair and do some voo doo crap in the cemetery and simultaneously witches (I’m assuming?) come out of the woods and kidnap Hayley as she passes out. This is all we see of her for a while.

In the meantime, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) makes an awesome entrance… Can I just say right now that I LOVE Elijah? He always has his stuff together, in his suits and makes his moves like a beast. Of course he gets to the bottom of things quickly. Because he’s just oh so smart and know’s how to handle business.

Elijah approaches Klaus and they have an awesome brotherly exchange of hello’s, and Elijah wants Klaus to come with him. Klaus of course is resistant. He doesn’t want to go anywhere until he finds out who is conspiring against him. Elijah say’s he know… Klaus is intrigued.

Now for the fun stuff!!! Setting: Lafayette Cemetery. Let me introduce you to Sophie, (played byDaniella Pineda) one of the witches that sent Hayley out into the forest. She states that Marcel is out of control, and that they are going to take him down. And Klaus is going to help them. Naturally Klaus reacts awesome to this since he LOVES being told what to do right? Wrong. So what is their leverage? Hayley! Klaus laughs in their face and calls her a “liquor-fueled one-night stand.” Oh but there is more to this story… Sophie tells him that one of her powers is that she is able to tell when a girl is pregnant. DUH DUH DUH. And in case you didn’t get that Elijah clears up any confusion by stating “Niklaus, the girl is carrying your child”. Say What!?! Bomb sufficiently Dropped. klaus-originals-hayley-baby phoebe-tonkin-the-originals

Obviously Klaus is pretty pissed. He say’s she must of been with someone else. That Vampires can’t procreate…. Oh yes, but WEREWOLVES can buddy! Elijah tells him to stop and listen. He does and for a split second…. Klaus hears the babies heartbeat. With a TEAR in his eye he turns and tells them to hill Hayley and the baby, and storms out of the cemetery.

Elijah chases him, Klaus believe’s it’s a trick and Elijah talks about how it’s not and it’s a new start for them. That family IS Power etc and so forth.

After this point… maybe because I was reeling from shock, the episode went a little downhill for me. Elijah calls Rebekah, Fill’s her in on the situation. She basically say’s that the child will be better off without him. Klaus goes looking for Marcel… Lashes out at him and instead of attacking him, attacks one of his minions. This break’s one of Marcel’s “rules” and Klaus taunts him with the fact that he is immortal and can’t be killed.

Klaus then wanders the streets and watches a man painting a canvas where he interacts with the one human on the show. A bartender named Camille (played by Leah Pipes). They chat about what the man is thinking as he paints… She say’s he is angry and trying to control his demons and alone… Klaus legit has tears in his eyes. Camille laughs it off and turns to find him gone 4.20.1-300x258

Cut to Klaus and Elijah on a park bench. Klaus has determined that he forgot how much he loves this city and Elijah says that he never forgot. They both admit that they were once happy there and they hated leaving. Klaus says that Marcel has what he wants and that ” I want to be King”. Elijah asks about Hayley and the baby…  “Every King needs an heir…” OOH DILF DADDY KLAUS!!

The witches are trying to figure out how to take down Marcel. Klaus gives Marcel his blood to heal his minion and says that he’s not his enemy and he would like to stay awhile.

Now for all you fangirling devastated Klaroline shippers out there, Klaus makes a phone call to Caroline at the end of the episode standing on a street corner in the Quarter “Caroline, I’m standing in one of my favorite places in the world. Surrounded by food, music, art, culture. And all I can think about is how much I want to show it to you, Maybe one day you’ll let me” Awwwwwww.


The episode ends with Elijah trying to convince Rebekah to come “home”. Elijah saying goodbye to Katherine. The Salvatore brother’s beginning their torture on Elena to try and get her humanity back by Damon tricking her into drinking blood with Vervaine in it.  The episode ends with Elena saying “You wanna play games?  Let’s see who breaks first, me . . . or you” to Stefan blocking her from exiting the dungeon.

SO! What did you guys think? It was quite a bit to digest. At first I was kind of irritated that they were taking a whole night away from my beloved Vampire Diaries to go galavant around New Orleans without Damon and Stefan, But it was nice getting to see a glimpse of them and in all honesty, Klaus knocked it out of the park. I could DEF get used to watching him and Elijah for a full hour separately on a weekly basis.  I want to just state here and now that Joseph Morgan was absolutely phenomenal in this episode. ALL the feels guys. I think he portrayed every emotion. Love, Hate, Jealously, Anger, Fear… it was all present. JoMo went from only going to be a guest role to getting his own show. That says something about an actor right there! The TEARS in his eyes, that got me!

Now I know that the fandom is in an uproar about the pregnancy and “what about Caroline”!?! Here’s my two cents. (my views in no way reflect the view of the entire Just J Mac team lol) While Klaus and Caroline hooking up, yes would have been Hot, there is no doubt in my mind of that… I think Klaus is a Villian. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE him, but hasn’t Caroline been hurt enough?? I know that people are saying that she is the one that could “change” him, but I’m sorry, he’s had TWO SEASON’s to do that and it hasn’t happened yet. I don’t want to see my precious Blonde Barbie Vamp get her heart broken again. I really think her bestie Stefan needs to open his eye’s and see what’s right in front of him. Shrugs. Just saying… Steroline could be really awesome I think. I DO however think we will see something happen with Klaus and Caroline. Joseph Morgan and Julie Plec have both said that there will be cross over episodes… SO you never know!

I really hope The Original’s get’s picked up. I think there are a lot of different directions they could go with it and I think it would be wonderful to restore the Salvatore brothers as the “Top Dog’s” back in Mystic Falls. I would like to see where they can go with both story line’s and really who is going to complain about basically TWO hours of Vampire Diaries? Certainly not this girl! Sound off in the comments and let us know what you thought!

Oh and I saw this on twitter last night and thought it was pretty funny…. Had to share!!


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