The Great Gatsby: My Tween Self is Ready

The new poster came out for this movie and I’m just so undeniable giddy, it’s not even funny. Every big star of my tween dreams is in The Great Gatsby. Leo Dicaprio AND Tobey MaGuire!? Epic. Then there’s Isla Fisher (Confessions of a Shopaholic) and Carey Mulligan( Drive, Pride and Prejudice.)


Look, besides Leo and Tobey, the trailer also has a girl seeing Glitter. Literally. All these flapper dresses, diamonds and the art deco theme of what Fitzgerald dubs the “Jazz age.” (PS if you don’t know who F. Scott Fitzgerald is, you can leave).

In high school, this book didn’t do anything for me. I think I flip-flopped between reading chapters and reading Sparknotes. So, hopefully they play this off well so I stay hyped. Maybe I’ll even give the book another go…maybe.

I think Leo’s flash and crazy will be inspiring enough to love the film but I’m almost more stoked about the fashion that is about to come back into style.

I love head accessories. YES! The roaring 20’s were all about headbands and that makes me so excited! Thank you F. Scott Fitzgerald, Carey Mulligan, and the art director of this movie because I soon wont be looked at like I’m a hippy straight from Texas for wearing my sparkly scarf/headband over my hair.

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