The Fault In Our Stars

This is a good book. Different, for me, but a good book.

 Shailene Woodley, John Green, divergent, the fault in our stars, movies

What’s it about, you say?

Meet Hazel (who’s middle name is Grace) and she’s like 16 or 17 with stunted terminal cancer (you’ll understand later). Basically, she’s kind of manic depressive but you can’t really blame her…

Anyway, she starts going to a cancer support group for kids with cancer and it’s in a kind of ironic place (no spoilers) and she’s got a half blind bud there named Isaac. One day, Isaac brings a friend. Friend’s name? Augustus (or Gus- your choice.) After Augustus shows up, nothing is the same.

I’ll give plot hints:

Cancer. Indiana. Hot Guy. Natalie Portman. Novel. Amsterdam. Death. Top Model. Oxygen Tank. Red Dawn. Ann Frank. Champagne. Love.

Basically, you need to read it.
I haven’t outright sobbed because of a book in years and this book left me, in bed, at a 11pm on a Friday night, bawling my eyes out.

…Straight up heaves.

The author is hilarious, as well. I mean, he’s a little too liberal sometimes but all and all he is pretty funny.

OH and watch out, because there is a movie coming and it’s going to star Shailene Woodley  as Hazel. She’s a good crier as we have seen in ‘Secret Life of an American Teenager’ so you know the movie version is going to rock.



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