2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show

In case you were living under a rock or watching the Sons of Anarchy season finale, the 2012 Victoria Fashion Secret Show aired last night.

First. Can we please discuss this picture…..

At least three of the women in this photo have children under that age of two. Mind blown, right?! And one of these women has TWO children.

I love the VS Fashion show. It’s like everything I want, yet don’t have… Awesome corsets and an epic runway strut.

The musical guests could have been better…

Is it legal for the Beibs to be there? Isn’t he twelve? And WHAT is up with the skinny meets MC Hammer jeans? Just stop.


Rihanna's first performance wasn't horrible and the song choice was appropriate. In fact, it was better than the Beibs first performance.



Rihanna's second performance, however, was horrible. I couldn't even tell if she was speaking English. I think all the boozing,smoking, and Chris Browning is getting to her. I really do. Also, I'm speculating that they didn't have a wardrobe fitting beforehand or her dressed ripped, hence the pretty 80s look with the sweatshirt around the waist.



And Bruno, you cute little man, keep doing whatever it is that you are doing.


The only thing missing this year was a proud (and hott) Orlando Bloom giving standing ovations to his baby mama.



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